Feb 16, 2009

Syslog widget for Mac

I made a widget application for Apple dashboard.
It is a widget version of "tail -f /var/log/system.log"
You can check system log often with this widget.
This is incomplete. I planed to add more functionality such as changing target file not only for system.log but also for any file we want to "tail". But it is not done yet.


Feb 7, 2009

Using Custom Shader for XNA in MacBook with Paralles.

I have tried to use Pixel Shader in my MacBook, but it didn't work.
I hope anybody has same problem can get some help from this page.First I tried to use some example from a book. But it didn't work. It turned out GameStudio 3.0 has changed some interfaces.

I tried another example "How to: Use BasicEffect". The example in the page uses pixel shader and it worked well, but it wasn't a custom pixel shader.

Next I tried another example, "How to: Create and Apply Custom Effect." The example in the page uses a custom pixel shader, but it didn't work. It thrown an exception, "InvalidOperationException." It complained that I didn't use valid vertext and pixel shader. Man, it is an example from MS...
Finally I changed the custom Effect file, which is pixel shader code.
I already knew that MacBook support only one type of vertex and pixel shader among severals. Thus I tried to use older version than the one in the example, and finally it worked out.

The original code is here:
technique TransformTechnique
pass P0
vertexShader = compile vs_2_0 Transform();
pixelShader = compile ps_1_1 PixelShader();
The version number of "vs_2_0" should be "vs_1_1" for MacBook.