Oct 28, 2007

Devil May Cry 4...
This is amazing.
I should buy PlayStion3.

I cannot append my comment for this, just this is art...

Oct 26, 2007

Teacher's authority.

In Korea, there is a old saying, 君師父一體, which means king, parent and teacher are same. The concept came from Confucianism. During Korea government was ruled by military dictators,1961~1993, it was quite strongly emphasized. Everybody can guess the reason. They exploited the old concept to make their political power stronger.

The concept is based on the hierarchy, which means everybody is belong to their king as well as they are belong to their parent. The relationship between parent and son is inherited by genetic system. But the relationship between king and everybody is made by the concept. And it is utilized by many eastern kingdoms in history regardless the Confucius's original motive.

What I want to say is that the concept made an illusion that there is a relationship between nation and people and we have to obey the authority of nation. It is meaningless separating nation from ourself. They are same. It is a kind of idolatry, like separating God from ourselves.

In addition, the position of teacher is quite interesting. Because I can find old eastern education and recent western education are in common. In history, western education system developed in order to let people adapt modern society such as factory systems. Before the modern society, for example, a farmer did not need to work in schedule or did not need to work together. And they did not need to seat on a chair for 9 hours a day. The modern education system which has a class, many students, one president of students, and one teacher who has strong authority is designed following factory system which has one working place, many workers, one president of union, and one director who has strong authority. The school system designed to make student adapt factory system easily, replacing a class to factory, replacing teacher to employer. And thereby obeying teacher plays quite serious role in modern education system.

Considering western modern education system, we can find common in the old saying. The obeying to king is beautified, in the name of teacher.

I don't think there could be a reason we have to give teachers authority. I guess the Confucius's original meaning is that we must be close to king and teacher as well as to parent, and it is not about authority. I think his saying is polluted by many people who can get benefits. Unfortunately I don't think we can find his original theory.

Oct 20, 2007

Today, I found an amazing software library.
This is about Java Swing UI which is represented by XML.
It means that we can design Application Swing UI, editing XML file not editing Java source code.

SwinXML : http://www.swixml.org

The reason why this is amazing is that the XML tag format is so simple and easy to use and easy to read. So that on the software developing process, I think this technique will play a significant role to separate the designers tasks from the programmers tasks.

I spent one whole year to develop like this system in NC soft in order to develop game user interface. I have been proud of myself for developing the system. And now I found something which is similar with what I developed. When I develop it, it was so hard to get some information or referable examples.

I think this library is too much rely on Java Swing, so that I don't think I can extend unique customer components which is very important in game user interface. But the basic concept is still useful in developing game software. I think if we use this program, the game designer can see the game user interface appearance with Swing components before the game programmer make the user interface engine, because the XML file would be compatible.

And the tag document is so good and particularly 'id' tag and 'action' tag is almost in the peak of these kind of technology. I'm not sure whether we can use this id and action linking technique in the same way in C++.

*PS: First installing was not easy. I spent quite long time.. ;-(
*PS: I know that there are many XML-to-Swing converters, but I think this is most simple.

Oct 4, 2007

One month ago, I joined in a student activity, whose name is 'game analysis and discussion'. And Yesterday I got a email from them. It was a kind of announcement about Lan-Party.

Today I stopped by there, and I met some guys and I saw the Halo3 playing screen, which is very famous game in X-Box. And I also could see one guy who is working for Microsoft.

The most important part is that I could meet and talk with one guy, who made a game and tries to establish a company. His name is Steve. When I saw him fist time, I did not recognize him. But in few minutes I though his face is familiar, and I came up with the fact that I saw him in GMU main web site. He was the very guy.


I tried to talk with him about his game and GMU courses. First of all I wondered how he spent his time making the game, Plasma PingPong and what develop tools he used.

He was kind and He already knew me, because when I join in the activity, he replied my email. And he told me there are some big game companies here such as EA, and there is a game course in GMU. The professor who is the instructor of the game courses is Chen, Jim X. I want to take his classes in next semester.