Jan 25, 2008

PenPen Xmas Olympics

I found a simple free game.


You can download.Enjoy!

Jan 24, 2008

Who killed the electric car?

Who killed the electric car?

In 1996, electric cars begin to appear on road all over califonia.

They were quite and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without Gasoline.

10 years later, these cars were destroyed.




This is Free game: Harpooned.

You can download a game here: http://harpooned.org/

I like this kind of satire games.

Jan 22, 2008


During my winter vacation, I went Atlanta with BB.
MC doo gave us a ride from Virginia to Atlanta where he live.

I have visited The World of Coca-cola, the front of CNN, Aquarium, and the house of the author of "Gone with Wind."
And I met my cousin: EunKyong.

These pictures are the evidences:

Jan 18, 2008

What's wrong with Capitalism.

For many years, I have heard almost same answers about my question how Capitalism works.

First few years, I doubt whether they say truth or biased facts. But even after few years later, I still hear almost same story from other people.

Since it has long history and broad spectrum, I cannot experience what's going on in real world, so I need to rely on books, logics, and the other's ideas.

This is how Capitalism works, as long as I have understood.
  • 1. The factory owners, or the rich, act to make their profit high. If they can do everything what they want to do in free market, everything will be fine, because the Invisible hand will make it better as if God has made human society better.
  • 2. Capital has accumulated everywhere. We can see beautiful buildings and wonderful achievements everywhere. But most people cannot have them. Most of Capital has been belong to few people, the rich. The promise, "everything will be fine" is absolute truth for the rich, but it is doubtable truth for the poor.
  • 3. It is also true most people cannot accumulate Capital, and all they can do is sustaining their life and producing next generations only when they work hard. If they don't work, they lose their Right to live as the Serf did in Feudalism.
  • 4. Sometimes depression happen, and people suffer for few years. Some people die by starvation. And it is also generally accepted true that people do war in order to recover economics depression. Some people die by war.
So what's wrong with Capitalism. Why does few people criticize it? Nothing can be perfect. It seems like enough.

It is so much better than Feudalism. And the system still give people chances to be the rich.

As the result, it looks like unfair that only few people has so much money. But it might be fair at the beginning point in history; or it was also not fair even at the beginning point, but who cares? The past is just past.

At least the system lets people alive. Unfortunatly sometimes disaster such as war happen, but it is rare cases. Finally everybody die, no matter how they die. People feed the system their fresh, and they honorably die for the others rather than for nothing.

For few disadvantages, we can excuse and most people concede it is not perfect but our best.

I don't see any problem.

Jan 17, 2008

What's wrong with Marx.

I don't like to talk about Marx too much.

The first reason is that I don't know much about his idea. And the second reason is that I don't think I can reach his idea easily, because for long period his idea has been polluted by the others.

Although I insist his idea maybe have a great point, I often doubt whether his theory is plausible or not. Actually for me it is a kind of dream, adding my imagination. But I cannot give it up.

In the famous movie, Matrix, Neo asked someone who sells hacking tools "Have you ever felt the world is not like real." He was not sure, and just followed his hunch. Whenever trying to scrutinize the fact that people were trapped in Matrix system, the system tried to purify him. Finally he reached the truth, but maybe it is only because of his luck. If there was not Matrix, he was just a stupid daydreamer.

I think I'm stupid in many sense. I cannot deny. And actually I'm not so smart and I don't have many knowledge about economics. I meet many people who make me feel frustrated. But I cannot give it up.