Dec 26, 2007

Human nature and resource

It is generally accepted assumption that every resources cannot be enough. But this is a different issue from what human nature is. No matter what human nature is, if the resource is scare, they compete, which means they want to have the resource more and more until they think it is enough. But since the first assumption is that every resources cannot be enough, they cannot stop competing.

This is the order of the logic.
1. Every resources is limited.
2-a. Human nature is that people want to have every resource endlessly.
2-b. Human nature is that people want to have every resource until their basic needs are satisfied. ( This basic needs cannot be satisfied, because assumption 1 implies it. But for some resources, such as air, people can feel satisfied. )
3. People compete.

Whatever we choose between 2-a and 2-b, people compete. It is not because of human nature, but because of the resource.

Some people say that the reason why people compete is human nature. But I don't think their logic is impregnable. It is still controversial whether people has unlimited desire or not. If any philosopher or psychologist has proved it, I want to read the book. But I have never heard it yet.

In other words, if someone want to talk about human nature, they should reconsider the first assumption whether the resource is enough or not in the specific case.

Dec 23, 2007

Howl's moving castle.

Sophie: I'm loving you.
Howl: It's too late.

This is from Howl's moving castle.

Today, I watched howl's moving castle. I think it means a lot.

First of all, why does Sophie become young sometimes? I think when Sophie spoke true hearted feeling, the curse become weaker. At the beginning part, she does not speak her real feeling about her job. It is also same for her sister who makes fake smiles to customers. I think this criticizes our society making people hide their true feeling.

Secondly, why did howl not die when the contract was canceled? I think this also criticizes the belief that we can control others only by contracts, not by love.

What is the meaning of the moving castle? I think the moving castle stands for nomad. In the moving castle there are a boy, a grand mother, Sophie who cares all of them, Howl who comes back after working outside, and a monster who works for the castle like a slave. I think this combination is like a farmer family. This form degrease and finally all gone in the animation.

Why does Howl fight in war? Howl want to live alone. But the king does not let him alone, and she want to use him. Although Howl tries to hide from her, he sometimes have to help her. I think this reflect that the real world does not let people free. This reminds me of the fact that the more people be productive, the more a nation increase their tax.

Why does howl become a monster after using his magical power? It is because he does what he don't want to do. I think this is also critic in real world people get lose their own feeling when they do what they did not want to do. Literally translating, it criticizes a monster is the solders in any army, but I don't want to restrict the meaning only in war.

Why is the king's castle safe from bombing? Howl said the castle is protected by magic. When a enemy drop a bomb over the castle, it will be moved to its village. It means their magic cannot prevent from bomb but can change its victim. I think this criticizes a nation is built up over the blood of people. Or I think a company is also same.

I also think in the animation there was two totally different types of world; one is full of war, and another is full of peace. It is usually accepted that war in animations stands for capitalism. I think this animation, particularly, criticized the war itself, because the cruelness is so much emphasized.

Why did Howl say "It is too late."? I think it is to wake us up and to make us feel our love now.

Dec 21, 2007

A hug for love...

This is quite famous movie.

When mental desire is superior to physical performance, it loses the static shape.

== lyric for "all the same" ==
I don't mind where you come from
As long as you come to me
I don't like illusions I can't see
Them clearly

I don't care no I wouldn't dare
To fix the twist in you
You've shown me eventually
What you'll do

I don't mind...
I don't care...
As long as you're here

Go ahead tell me you'll leave again
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's all the same

Hours slide and days go by
Till you decide to come
However long you stay
Is all that I am

I don't mind...
I don't care...
As long as you're here

Go ahead tell me you'll leave again
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's always the same

Go ahead say it you're leaving
You'll just come back running
Holding your scarred heart in hand
It's all the same
And I'll take you for who you are
If you take me for everything
Do it all over again
It's all the same

Dec 16, 2007

Contract for love

When people love each other, they make contract such as boy friend and girl friend relationship, or husband and wife relationship. Actually both of them are all related with marriage or family system. After two persons sign in a marriage contract paper, they share their own property.

This topic is so wide. I cannot cover all of them here. I just want to talk one characteristic of the contract.

Generally people think they need to make a relationship when they love each other. But I doubt it. If the two persons love and trust each other, they don't need a contract. And if the two persons don't love or don't trust any more, they also don't need a contract. If they don't love anymore, why do they not break the contract?

I think that the main functionality of this kind of contracts is only for the case when they don't love each other, but they want to have the other's property. The contract keeps the relationship for property when they don't love each other. Or it enforces people to THINK they love.

My opinion is that love is love, and contract is contract. They should be treated in different perspectives. I think, radically saying, any kind of contracts for human relationship should disappear. But it is too much theoretical; even more than Socialism. I, thus, think at least the power of love should always be stronger than that of contract.

Devotion has got easier these days. I think it means the power for the property contract is getting weaker which is good.

Dec 13, 2007

Finished final exams.

I just finished my all final exams, so that I'm free.

On this winter vacation, I want to do many things. Here is the list in priority:
  1. get driver license.
  2. make a 3D game.
  3. study English and Chines.
  4. study Economics, philosophy, history and Marxism.
  5. play at least one game.
What are you going to do?

Dec 8, 2007

A beverage: Star of taste

This is a kind of rumor. There is a goods whose name is '맛스타 (star of taste).' It is a quite special beverage. And there are some rumors.

We cannot buy the beverage in usual convenient store. It is only for Solders in Korea Army. Although now we can buy some via Internet, it is exceptional.

When I was in army, our sergeant gave us it, and I had chances to taste it. It was not bad. In addition it was free. Everybody enjoyed it. Since it is offered only for solder, some people regard it as a symbol of solder.Strange thing is that in army usually every thing is insufficient. Even gun is sometimes not enough. The level of dog is higher than human, because dogs are insufficient. People are many but resources are too much insufficient. The number of the beverage, however, was always higher than that of people. So some people was able to have two or more.

And we need to pay for any goods even in army. But the beverage was free. And at least one time a week we got it.

The rumor is that some people suspect maybe the beverage controls the hormone of solders.
Usually solders in Korea were not so much educated, because it is mandatory for everybody. It is usual that if many male be gathered, they talk about women often. Actually it is well known fact that culture in army is so lusty and most of them are male oriented. It is hard to control. Some people illegally go out of army camp at night to meet a prostitution. Or some times some of them commit serious sexual crime.

I'm that kind of person who believes that any sexual thing or problem are strongly related with hormone things, rather than mental things. I think it is one reasonable rumor that maybe army can consider that kind of therapy to control any kind of sexual problems. Furthermore it is not only my idea, but also many people suspect it.

Dec 6, 2007


This is a kind of advertisement website; maybe for game or animation I don't know exactly.

This is quite interesting. You can see three characters on this web site:

And after you click one of them, you can see her 3D animation.

Dec 5, 2007

My first presentation.

Today I finished two projects. They tortured me for 2 months. It was nightmare, but now it's finished.

Today I presented in my class. It was a big challenge for me and great experience. I explained my English is not so good, and this is my first presentation in English before I start it. Everybody encouraged me.

After my presentation, professor asked me some questions. But I could not understand well. First time two members of my team helped me. And for the second question, many students who are not my team helped me. All of them are so smart. They so quickly understood, reading my just two power point slides which the professor could not understand. I surprised in two meaning; One is how smart they are!, and second is how kind they are!

I need to practice more how to do presentation in English. Today, however, it is not so bad, considering the fact that it was my first presentation. Despite the fact that my program did not work perfectly, my teammates didn't care it and thanked me.

I appriciate to my teammates, and classmates. Most of all, I thank my friend of mind who helped me whole day to let me use English.

Dec 3, 2007

*PS: Today I was in his funeral.

Funeral Blues

- by W. H. Auden

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.