Feb 28, 2008


I want to recommend a good extension for the Firefox web browser: Adblock.

Two of my professors have used this extension, but I didn't know how it works before yesterday.

I though Advertisement blocking extensions are all about POPUP dialog windows. But this was different. This is for the inner side banners, which is inserted in web pages.

For example, this is "New york times" web site:
You can see three image banners: one is on top-left, another is on top-right, and the other is bottom-right.

After I use the "Adblock" extension, they disappear in this way:
Let me show you more examples. This is for "TV guide":Two banners disappear: one is on top side, which is now blank, and another is bottom, which is also disappear.

This is the example for Naver, which is very famous portal web site in Korea:The banner on center disappear, and bottom-right side is also blank now.

This extension can save your time for web surfing.

You can use this function after install Adblock extension, and Updater extension.

humidifier cleaner

As Raynear mentioned humidifier can make air pollute by lots of germ. So we need to keep the humidifier clean very carefully. But it is hard.

I found a good item for this purpose: Humidifier cleaner.It makes it easy to keep clean.

However, despite the efficiency, we cannot omit to rube the inside of the humidifier and carefully wash it often. It is not perfect remedy.

Feb 16, 2008

Code Cover - eclipse plugin

This semester I'm taking "Software Testing" class. I have learned very new techniques for testing. Now I know what is "coverage" and "statement/branch/condition/decision coverage."

I found quite good and free plugin: Code Cover.
http://codecover.org/I would like to post my opinion about this plugin after I use for awhile.

Feb 11, 2008

Apple mighty mouse wireless

Today I bought a wireless mouse, Apple mighty mouse wireless.

My conclusion is that this is so bad.

Pros: wireless. look good. 360 degree scroll wheel.

Cons: Expensive($70), hard to click right button, griping feeling is so bad.

First of all, I hate this design for buttons.

I just gave up to use it, right after using for 2 min. I want to sell.;;;

USB humidifier

Today I brought my thermometer and hygrometer to campus.

And, surprisingly, I found the fact that the building, JC, which I usually study whole day is so dry.

Comfortable humidity is from 40% to 60%. But the building was 15% today.
So I came up with a idea, mini humidifier. And I'm gonna buy a USB humidifier.