Nov 30, 2007

Death is nothing.

3 days ago, my landlord died in his room. He was my roommate.
We didn't know he died there, so I think we slept at least one day with a body. It's scary.

Wednesday night, his family came, and they found he was death. At the time, I opened the front door, because they didn't have a key. After I know he died, I could not stop shaking. His ant cried.

The day, I saw two CSI, and I talked with many policeman. I think it was not bad. They didn't suspect me or his family at all, because they believe he died due to overdose of cocaine.

I was not so close to my landlord, so I didn't feel sad. I, however, cannot stop thinking about him. It is not because he died, but because the death itself give me deep impression.

After he died, many policeman came, and they investigated his room. 2 hours later, all of them went out. That's it. Nothing has happened any more. I think it is weird. Because a death should be special. But actually it is not. Nobody cares. How sad it is. I think I'm sad in that reason.

Maybe I can die one day accidentally, and I'm sure nobody would remember me. Some of my friends might be sad one week or two weeks. But what does it mean? Nothing.

I think ironically only love is able to make the death special. It is because if we hate someone, we would not miss him.

Nov 28, 2007

There are many problems in our real society.

Suddenly, however, I though why am I so eager to criticize it, why do I not try to find good thing which maybe the world has. It should be seriously considered. But I found a little bit funny fact that if nothing is wrong, how could we know it.

One day my friend said that the term, 'equality', is stupid, because if everybody is already equal, maybe we don't have the word, 'equality.' It means the meaning of equality is paradoxically based on the meaning of inequality. Furthermore, I sometimes feel that I need more words to explain what I need; justice, freedom, fairness, or peace. They are not enough, because we are still close to these words.

Nov 27, 2007

I cannot find any significant difference between labor and slave.

Once I have tried to figure out how the history books explain the problem of the slavery. When I was in Korean, I went to book shop and I skimmed about 10 books. They usually uses the concept of The Human Rights. They said the problem of the slavery system is the master exploits their slaves too much. But it is hard to explain how much is too much, so that they use the concept of the Human Rights; For example, the problem of the slavery system is the slaves cannot have the Human Rights.

Considering the fact that the slavery is abolished after the American civil war in 1861, the concept of the Human Rights has been established after the slavery has already disappeared, 1948. It is hard to say when the concept of the Human Rights had fixed. I think at least it cannot be before 1789 when the French revolution occurred. I believe that although somebody can find any evidence that there was mere current for the abolishment before the slavery disappeared, it would not be hard to find any evidence that the concept of the Human Rights is quite new.

My point is that actually using the Human Rights to explain the problem of the slavery system does not make sense. If we can criticize any society using a concept which will be developed in future, we can also criticize capitalism using any concept which we don't know yet.

In brief, what is the problem of the slavery system? We can easily find the wage slavery or the contract slavery is almost similar with the wage labor. I believe that if somebody who thinks the slavery is bad thinks the capitalism is good, his thinking is inconsistent.

Nov 26, 2007

I have took a trip with three economists to New York. And we talked many things.

I think the economists treat the economics as neutral. For example, they implicitly change the definition of profit when they talk about two different situations such as family and company. When they talk about family, the profit includes their happiness. But when they talk about company, the profit excludes the concept of happiness or the meaning of happiness changes. My point is that if the economics and the concept of profit can be separated, I have no complain for economics. I mean economics can be right when the definition of profit is right.

I can find an analogy for this point in physics. When scientists explorer the filed of nuclear, people made nuclear weapon. Some scientists said science is neutral, and people have to equip the wisdom and responsibility for the power. I think maybe some people who suffered the radioactivity from nuclear weapon or nuclear plant will hate the science itself. It is similar with the case that people who suffered the depressed economic environment really hate the economics itself. But science or economics maybe neutral.

I think if somebody want to improve the economic problems in real world, the question which is too abstract to discuss should be what the company should pursuit. And economics cannot give the answer. Furthermore, I think we cannot even recognize that there is problems, because they consider the problems as given constraints.

Albert Einstein who is famous for the formula, E=MC^2, left similar opinion in the famous article "Why Socialism?". One visitor for him said "Why are you so deeply opposed to the disappearance of the human race?" This question is similar with the question, "Why are you so deeply opposed to the death of the homeless?" I think it is not irrational. It is rational. Maybe science or economics is perfect enough. Somebody who considers only whether science or economics has any problem or not can have these kind of questions, because they does not show up any problems.

Nov 6, 2007


The name of this game is Splume. After I read a blog, Pig-Min, I knew this. This is interesting, because it uses the physical engine. Sometimes I feel it is hard to answer for what the physical engine is. I think this movie will be simple and clear answer.

Nov 1, 2007

I bought a car.

It is 1999, Honda Civic, and used one.
Here is its picture:

Its mileage is not low, 102k. But it looks almost new one. I like it. In addition, it was reasonable price.

Wayne, who is my new native friend, helped me. Actually what I did is nothing. He found this car through Internet, and checked many things such as Engine noise, regulator, oil parts, tires, air filter, heater noise, wiper blades, electronic cables, radio system, lights, and so on. I thank him so much.