Sep 26, 2007

Today I saw few music video of F.I.R which is a quite famous pop-group in China.

I have known about what the YouTube is. But I suddenly got a question how YouTube can be sustained, how they make money? I cannot find any advertisement banner. Even though I use it a few hours, it would not stop me - actually it will take not my money but my time.

Basic idea is simple. If we can see many movies without charging, people will use it. It is how the YouTube became so popular. But it is hard to maintain the huge movie data without charging. If it was so easy, everybody could start the service. I cannot find the secret of YouTube.

*PS: I though the name of 'Lydia' which is the title song of first F.I.R. album came from some china film. But it was not.;;

Sep 24, 2007

Last Sat. I went to Washington D.C, and I took a canoe.
I meet my American friends, and they did not mind my language shortcoming.
I really want to mention this. They tough how to sound 'Z' - like Zoo.
When I sound Zoo, it was almost like 'Jew'. They helped me fix it.
I hope to see them again.

*PS: I want to thank Jie who told me this workshop.
* PS: I'm not sure whether this is grammatically right.;;; Don't laugh.

Since a drop of water was there, the river was there.
Since a drop of water was, the ocean was as well.
How can we say the opposite in terms of cause and effect.

Since a person born here, the society was made here.
Since a person born, the nation was made as well.
How can we say the opposite in terms of cause and effect.

The river, ocean, society, nation, these actually do not exist.
These are all made by the man.

(citation from Prof.Park)

Who cares where he born.
Who cares what's his nationality.
All we have to do is seeing the real others.

Sep 19, 2007

One of my favorite programs is NetFolder. It is a file downloading service. For the reason that the service is serviced by Korean company, it is too slow in U.S.A. But I use it because it is free and I can get many commercial programs. Although it is so slow, I don't care much, because I can keep my computer turning on whole day.

One thing that I really hate is that if I download 500M with netfolder application, I have to restart the program, because it is the limitation for free users. I, therefore, came up with a idea to make a program which restarts it automatically. It is not so hard. Basically, if I use Hooking technique I think I can make the program in at most 5 hours.

These days, I'm so busy, so that I have to postpone it... Instead, I tried to find a program to do same thing. But unbelievably I could not find it. Even though I could find similar programs such as auto-mouse, since they don't use the Hooking, the clicking coordination was not accurate. If NetFolder program shows a pop-up window at different coordination, they cannot click the button on the pop-up windows. In order to find the accurate coordination they had have to use Hooking, but they did not. I cannot understand why they do not try it. For these reasons, I think I have to make it by myself.

Sep 17, 2007

Today I knew the fact that I cannot improve my English only by reading my major books.

There are some reasons. One of them is that in major books I cannot see the questioning sentences. And many English tests such as TOFLE, TOEIC and GRE do not deal the questioning sentences. But it is not so easy and when we meet a new person, we have to ask many things. It is obvious that I cannot improve how I can ask by reading text books. Second of the reasons is that in major book the subject be never 'I' or 'you'. But in daily conversation, we always use them. Third of them is that in major book all sentences use present tense. But in dialog we have to care the tense.

I, subsequently, found that I have to schedule to study English. I don't think that my English will be autonomously better only if I live in U.S.A. And I think I need some materials such as English conversation. When I took some conversation classes in Korea, I though that those classes are useless and are wasting of money. But now I changed my mind. It is really necessary.

Sep 12, 2007

Mac and Java.

I bought Mac Book black. And I am used to this box. I like that I can use Unix-like environments.

But I think somebody who insist MacOS is more powerful than Windows are wrong. The fact that Windows can run on Mac Hardwares does not represent that Mac is powerful. But, it proves that Windows is powerful. The flexibility of Windows is amazing. Otherwise, MacOS cannot be installed on any other IBM compatible PC expect Mac Hardwares.

I, sometimes, experienced that when I plug-in my external HDD MacOS cannot detect it. Although I don't know the reason exactly, I think it is the problem of MacOS or Mac Kernel. Becuase when I'm using Windows on my MacBook, Windows has never failed to detect it.

I like MacBook and MacOS because I can use Windows, MacOS, and Unix-like Environment - I can use even PORTS like FreeBSD. But what I feel uncomfortable is that Mac has duplicated system data; One for MacOS Environment, and another for Unix-like Environment; One for Windows on BootCamp, and another for Windows on Parellels Desktop.


Since I was a game programmer, I like C++ very much. Whenever I made a program with C++, I was always exciting. But in my graduate school, people love Java more. I regard them, but I think they too much worship Java, blaming C, not C++. It is unfair to compare Java with C. Because C is not OOP language. They have to compare Java with C++, not C.

Yesterday, I knew Java has template meta-programming-like syntax after version 1.5 as well as C++ has. I'm interesting in it. I'll more dig out.
Today, I was so embarrassed.

It is usual that we do group project in a given period. Two of my classes require me to do group project. It is natural, because my major is software engineering, and it is important to do project togather.

But I was so afraid to talk with my classmates because my english is not still good, and so far I have never tried to talk with my classmates yet. Professor just told us that when you, students, made groups, tell me. Students can talk with each other well in a break time or before the class, but I cannot.

Today I pushed myself, and tried to talk to one of my classmates. But unfortunatly the distance between me and him was so far. Furthermore my voice was so quite. Finally I could not say anything. I said a same sentance 4 times. And I gave up, saing 'never mind' rudely. I almost wanted to cry. In the small class, many students heard what I said. And when I said the same sentance 4 times, I knew that what I'm saying is grammetically wrong. That is why I was so embarrassed today.

I'm doing my best, but I cannot predict the end yet.

Sep 7, 2007

While reading my friend's blog,, suddenly it let me know my desire to get something I can give my friends.

The friend, kiki, is on a world scale project.
She and her two friends made a T-shirt; you can see the design:

And they are giving it to their friends who are living in world around. According to my memory, they are going to take a world trip in order to meet them. Unfortunately they would not come to well developed countries such as U.S.A.

Once I though that their plan will be end up just as a romantic imagination. Even when I gave them little support, I did not expect that they will really do it. But now they are updating their progresses on their blog. And it makes me touched.

I want to find my unique way to make my friends happy.
Hello world.

My name is Jae Hyuk, Kwak. My friends call me Jay.
I have already a blog, but it is always written in Korean.
Thus I'm making this new blog for my international friends.
I'll manipulate this blog in English.
I hope my friends can enjoy my articles.

You can also glance my korean blog:
Even if you cannot read korean, you can enjoy some pictures. And I think some Asian friends can use some translating programs.

Then, see you soon again.