Jul 25, 2009

My first Torque X game on XBox 360

Today I spent about 2 hours making this simple game. I just followed the chapter 2 on a book, "The complete Guide to Torque X for XNA."I found that TorqueX is a very easy and fast game developing engine. Although I don't think we can use it for commercial game development, it seemed good for personal use.

I'm still reading the book, and I expect to see some interesting functionality for 3D part on latter chapters.

Jul 22, 2009

My distinguished academic achievement award.

I got a distinguished academic achievement award from my department when I graduate. Here is the evidence. :-)
I thank BB for taking the pictures.

Jul 13, 2009

My M.S. certification

I got a certification for my M.S degree.
It went to my house in Korea directly, so that my father took a picture of it.
I haven't seen the real one yet. :-)