Oct 4, 2007

One month ago, I joined in a student activity, whose name is 'game analysis and discussion'. And Yesterday I got a email from them. It was a kind of announcement about Lan-Party.

Today I stopped by there, and I met some guys and I saw the Halo3 playing screen, which is very famous game in X-Box. And I also could see one guy who is working for Microsoft.

The most important part is that I could meet and talk with one guy, who made a game and tries to establish a company. His name is Steve. When I saw him fist time, I did not recognize him. But in few minutes I though his face is familiar, and I came up with the fact that I saw him in GMU main web site. He was the very guy.


I tried to talk with him about his game and GMU courses. First of all I wondered how he spent his time making the game, Plasma PingPong and what develop tools he used.

He was kind and He already knew me, because when I join in the activity, he replied my email. And he told me there are some big game companies here such as EA, and there is a game course in GMU. The professor who is the instructor of the game courses is Chen, Jim X. I want to take his classes in next semester.


Anonymous said...

Cong/ for your new findings!



Jay said...

It was a really good and unexpected information.