Jan 17, 2008

What's wrong with Marx.

I don't like to talk about Marx too much.

The first reason is that I don't know much about his idea. And the second reason is that I don't think I can reach his idea easily, because for long period his idea has been polluted by the others.

Although I insist his idea maybe have a great point, I often doubt whether his theory is plausible or not. Actually for me it is a kind of dream, adding my imagination. But I cannot give it up.

In the famous movie, Matrix, Neo asked someone who sells hacking tools "Have you ever felt the world is not like real." He was not sure, and just followed his hunch. Whenever trying to scrutinize the fact that people were trapped in Matrix system, the system tried to purify him. Finally he reached the truth, but maybe it is only because of his luck. If there was not Matrix, he was just a stupid daydreamer.

I think I'm stupid in many sense. I cannot deny. And actually I'm not so smart and I don't have many knowledge about economics. I meet many people who make me feel frustrated. But I cannot give it up.


Anonymous said...

Jay, please believe what you believe, but try to improve it and make it more defensible for your audience instead of feeling bad due to their fierce attaching.

As a hero for the world truth, we will never be frustrated or defeated if we know we are still WITH the truth itself.

Black Beauty

Anonymous said...

I just want to say, as I look back, I have learned much more from criticism and different opinions than from compliments givien by other people.

Actually the biggest thing I have learnt here, in the U.S., is how to separate one's opinion with his or her personality. I can love someone without believing his or her arguments. I can criticizing someone's arguments but still respecting his or her personality.