May 19, 2008

True Image 11

I have found a amazing backup software: True Image.

This True Image is almost similar with Norton Ghost, which is a famous image backup software. But this is more powerful and easy.

Here is the comparing with Norton Ghost.
  • Norton Ghost requires at least 512M ram. But True Image doesn't have limit.
  • Norton Ghost requires you to make a 'Restore CD'. But True Image doesn't. When you boot up your computer, you can get into the restoring process, pressing F11 key.
  • Norton Ghost doesn't have any function to change the size of original partitions, so you need to find other software such as Partition Magic. But true image has the function to change the size of partitions.
Yesterday I have reinstalled the Windows XP on a old computer. Actually installing windows itself is not so long. But the problem is updating from windows update site. It usually takes 4 hours. After finishing updating, I tried to back up entire system. The true image made a new 6G partition to store the backup data. It means the size of my original HDD decreases from 18G to 12G.

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