Aug 19, 2008

Weta in North America.

I think my house has Cave Weta.
According to wikipedia, they live only in New Zealand, but my house has.

Actually I'm not sure what they are.
1. They don't have any wing, so I don't think they are cricket.
2. I have never heard they make sound, and only cave weta among all kind of wetas doesn't have ears.
3. They appear usually at night, and weta is nocturnal.
4. They look like grasshopper, but they have too small eyes; actually I cannot see their eyes.
5. I suspect they come from basement of my house, which feels like cave.
6. They are easy to be caught; they don't run away much. I guess this means their eyes are so bad.

Only one strange thing is all of web pages says they live only in New Zealand. But I'm living in North America. This might be a big discovery in Entomology.

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