Dec 3, 2008

Flight searching system on J2EE

I just have finished one of my project for this semester. It was SWE642, "Software Engineering for WWW". The class was mainly about J2EE, which I hadn't know much.

The class asked us to develop a flight reservation system. It gave me a big chance to catch up modern web programming technologies:
  • Spring Framework.
  • Hibernate persistence framework with Hyper Sonic database.
  • Log4j log library.
  • ANT building system.
  • AXIS2
  • Google Map 2
  • Tomcat, of course.
You can download it and deploy it on your local computer, if you are familiar with SVN and Tomcat:

I'm proud of myself, and I have learned a lot about Spring Framework. It was nice especially for JUnit testing. It gave me unit testing and integration testing environment.
However, I don't think I will have any more chance to touch web programming technology, because I wouldn't develop web application, unfortunately.

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