May 19, 2008

Excluding check box User Interface.

I have found a small example for a bad User Interface.

This is the screen shot from True Image 11: (if the image is too small, you can click it.)
It looks fine. But this made one of Korean mistaking.
This User Interface assumes everybody can read English, but actually it's not true. So he checked in every check boxes, in order to make sure everything are included. I guess he didn't know what's the meaning of 'Exclude.' And he was crazy when he found his backup doesn't work as he expected.

I think most of cases, English Nouns are shared in Korean. But Verbs are not. So most of Korean might read:
  • "[ ] blabla.. all hidden files and folders"
  • "[ ] blabla.. all system files and folders"
  • "[ ] blabla.. files matching the following criteria"
So that they might check in every check boxes.

Actually the English word 'exclude' is not so hard. But I think it can be improved in better ways. For example:
  • "[x] include all hidden files and folders"
  • "[x] include all system files and folders"
  • "[x] include files matching the following criteria"
Since the meaning of check box is 'I want this,' when the sentence refers whether including or excluding, it's better to follow the traditional meaning. Or using icons can be an alternative way.

True Image 11

I have found a amazing backup software: True Image.

This True Image is almost similar with Norton Ghost, which is a famous image backup software. But this is more powerful and easy.

Here is the comparing with Norton Ghost.
  • Norton Ghost requires at least 512M ram. But True Image doesn't have limit.
  • Norton Ghost requires you to make a 'Restore CD'. But True Image doesn't. When you boot up your computer, you can get into the restoring process, pressing F11 key.
  • Norton Ghost doesn't have any function to change the size of original partitions, so you need to find other software such as Partition Magic. But true image has the function to change the size of partitions.
Yesterday I have reinstalled the Windows XP on a old computer. Actually installing windows itself is not so long. But the problem is updating from windows update site. It usually takes 4 hours. After finishing updating, I tried to back up entire system. The true image made a new 6G partition to store the backup data. It means the size of my original HDD decreases from 18G to 12G.

Clean your computer, using AJAX.

This is just for fun.
AJAX is a famous computer terminology. But there is a cleaning item in Korea called AJAX as well.

May 13, 2008

My second semester: all A.

This semester I got three 'A' grade.

I'm quite happy, because this is first time I have got all A in my whole life.

I want to thank my professors.

May 8, 2008

Radio Buttons are better than Combo Box.

My User Interface Professor said "Radio Button is better than Combo box control." But I still doubt whether it is or not. Because radio buttons spend more space.

Today I found a good example, that radio is better.

This is the ORIGINAL Combo box control.If I click the combo box, thenBut the next version of this program, Xcod in Mac OS, has improved the user interface, using Radio buttons, instead of the Combo box.

It is true radio buttons take more space, but I think we can also make it not wasting of space. The space the radio buttons take can give a kind of more information.

In addition, radio buttons reduce the user's mistakes, as my professor said.

*PS: for fun.

May 6, 2008

AJAX example.

This is another term project of mine this semester.
This is one of AJAX example program, which is designed to help a student to check whether a student meet the degree requirement.

You can directly use this Here; I don't know how long the server can service this program.
And you can download this program Here.

This is one of rich Web User Interface programs. Especially I want everybody to check the 'Quick Search' function.

May 2, 2008

Firefox Plug-in: Try Again.

I strongly recommend for everybody to use this plugin: Try Again.When your web browser failed to reach a web page, it will show you to press 'Retry.' But why doesn't it press the button automatically? Why do I need to press the button manual?

The plugin Try Again will press the button until your web browser reach the page. This is really simple, but really convenient.

Game User Interface.

This semester I have took the interesting class, "User Interface." The class is a kind of brain washing class, as my professor said. Most of programmers don't think user interface is important. Most of them think functions of program and implementation is most important.

Good example of good user interface is 'Google.' One thing I specially like is they don't abuse the advertisement banners. Google web search doesn't bother users and gmail give us the advertisements as a kind of useful information.

Even when I create new accound they don't ask my private information much. All they ask is "My current email," "New password," and "Where I live." That's all.

I think most of game companies should improve their game user interface. In good terms, they have high possibility to improve their interface, because they are now so bad.

Why do they ask user's private information so much. They ask user's gender, phone number, address, and even trivial preference. Why do they need so much information only for game.

My other idea is why do we need to install huge size of program when we play a game. For example the famous online game World Of Warcraft requires at least 10GB for playing. But why do we need to install whole of the game? We can install some part of the whole game. Or we can play, using web browser. We have already good technologies for these. Unity is the good example.
And Google Earth is also good example. When we install google earth, it doesn't install whole of satellite data. It is too much big. Google earth downloads some parts, which a user requests.

The famous online MMO game, Guild War, introduced the technology how to reduce install size. The game install just a little size of program, and it download gradually when a player moves in the world. It proved it is already possible.

Let's think about our the Mental model. What do we expect when you want to play a game. We want to see the inside world first. We want to see how many people are there. We want to walk inside of the world and want to feel the world first. That's why people looks for the screen shots first on their game web sites.

However, all of the games require a player to register, download, install and create a character. And we need to read lots of control manuals, then finally we can reach the game world. It usually take more than 3 hours. Why do we need all of these excise steps. I want to see the inside of world RIGHT NOW. We need to break the vary first barrier.

RayTracing Program

As I have already mentioned here, I have made a ray tracing program.
You can download it:
JaeHyuk Kwak - ray tracing for
Java Source file
Before you run this program, you need to install Java3D program.
You can download it here:
Or here Java3D.

You can download my presentation data as well.

In brief,
1. You need to download two files; one is "JaeHyuk Kwak - ray tracing for", and another one is "here Java3D."
2. After you install Java3D, you can uncompress my program, and you can double click "rayTrace.bat" file, then you can see what I have made.

*PS: This program is extremely slow. It will take at least 10 second per each scene.