Jan 14, 2009

WalMart the high cost of low price.

This is a brief summary of the movie, "WalMart the high cost of low price".

1. Many many employees in Wal-Mart had to rely on Medicaid, which is federal health insurance. It is because Wal-Mart doesn't provide health care for their employee.

2. Wal-Mart doesn't allow people to have union. They attack and distroy any attempting of unionizing.

3. The average payment in Wal-Mart is $10.78 per hour, but the starting pay can be far lower, which can be below the poverty line. The average Wal-Mart Hourly sales employee wages is $13,861, while the federal poverty level family of four is $17.650.

4. Wal-Mart had legal conflicting of cheating for over time working payment in 32 different states.

5. WalMart comes to local and many of family business had to be closed. And states help them to build roads and parking facilities, which is unfair to local competes. Moreover WalMart receives lots of subsidy from states, which had assigned to other facilities such as school and fire department.

6. The WalMart factory in China charges employee for dormitory even when they move out. The environment in the dormitory is unpleasant: very warm in summer, and very narrow. WalMart cheat for employee's working hour as well as they do in america.

7. The employee in India works from 8am to 10pm, which is 14 hours a day. Other companies in India follows the standard that WalMart do, and WalMart suck down every standards in India.

8. There is no security camera or anything in parking lots of WalMart. WalMart is aware that more than 80% of crimes happen in their own parking lots. While there are lots of security camera inside of WalMart, outside of WalMart there is nothing. Even when there are some of security camera for outside, nobody watches the camera.

From my individual experience, WalMart was the most boring and inactive place in america. I don't understand why WalMart is so popular.

I don't think WalMart is symbol of evil. They are just following money. It is just one face of capitalism. Any of company where humanity lost on money will have this kind of face.

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