Sep 10, 2009

Billiard game

I have spent about 5 weeks for this personal project. The purpose of this project is to show my technical fluency. I have chosen to develop a simple billiard game with Collada, PhysX, and Shader programs.

  • DirectX 9 end-user runtime
  • Graphic card that can support Shader Model 2. ( Pixel shader 2.0 will be enough )
  • PhysX must be installed.
  • OpenAL must be installed.
Demo video:

Source code is available on Google Code:

Used technique:
  • PhysX
  • Collada
  • DirectX 9
  • HLSL
  • OpenAL
  • Microsoft C++/CLI unit testing framework
  • std::tr1
The balls colliding to each other under Physical calculations. Shadow is drawn by shadow map. The graphic model data are from 3DS Max through Collada XML standard. Sound is powered by OpenAL.

Screen shots
The captured video lost some graphical details, so that I like to attach some screen shots here. Click each image to enlarge it.

*PS : Background needs to be added soon.

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