Jan 17, 2011

Interesting book finding: Cuda by example.

I feel like the world is moving so fast and I am fall behind.

I have kept reading a book, Mastering Unreal Technology Volume 1, for a few months. Since the book has about 1,000 pages, it is taking so long time for me to finish it.

Today I found an interesting book where I was reading my book: Cuda by example. I always had questions how to start learning Cuda and didn't have chance to get involved in much. Now the world has a book about it.In computer technology, publishing a book about a software isn't happening often. One of the reasons is that those software or technologies changes faster so that any books or documents doesn't catch it up enough.

Because of the reason, it always implies that if I see a book about something, I am already late to catch it up. It makes me blame myself.

I haven't even started reading books in my posses: "Cell programming" and "Advanced lighting and materials with shaders".

I wish I can make some time to catch them up after this project is done.

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