Aug 3, 2014

Gtx750 temperature range is between 25 to 40 celsius degree

I posted an article about my new graphic card, GTX750. I have been using it for a while and I am loving it so much. The temperature of the graphic card is so low even during a heavy 3D game play.

Assuming that I can trust the numbers from RealTemp, the temperature range of GTX750 is between 25 celsius degree to 40 celsius degree. It is surprisingly low.

My previous graphic card, GTX280, was between 75 celsius degree and 110 celsius degree. My Intel i7 quad-core CPU is between 50 and 100 celsius degree. So below 40 degree temperature is very surprising with the fact that the graphic card performance is better than what I had before.

However, the fan on graphic card made by EVGA is making little high pitch noise when I play game. I wish the fan was little bigger and making lower tone noise.

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