Sep 26, 2007

Today I saw few music video of F.I.R which is a quite famous pop-group in China.

I have known about what the YouTube is. But I suddenly got a question how YouTube can be sustained, how they make money? I cannot find any advertisement banner. Even though I use it a few hours, it would not stop me - actually it will take not my money but my time.

Basic idea is simple. If we can see many movies without charging, people will use it. It is how the YouTube became so popular. But it is hard to maintain the huge movie data without charging. If it was so easy, everybody could start the service. I cannot find the secret of YouTube.

*PS: I though the name of 'Lydia' which is the title song of first F.I.R. album came from some china film. But it was not.;;


Hellen said...

Most of the vedios are uploaded by individuals voluntarily. Although no advertisement can be seen from the website, I believe that some venture capital was the initial funding source.If it is really popular website, it will be listed in a stock market.

Jay said...

I, unfortunately, found some banners in YouTube.
Thank you for your comment, helen.

Anonymous said...

If you can know what happens there easily. The economic student will lose their job soon...Please don't think any more, leave some place for our living,OK?


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