Dec 26, 2007

Human nature and resource

It is generally accepted assumption that every resources cannot be enough. But this is a different issue from what human nature is. No matter what human nature is, if the resource is scare, they compete, which means they want to have the resource more and more until they think it is enough. But since the first assumption is that every resources cannot be enough, they cannot stop competing.

This is the order of the logic.
1. Every resources is limited.
2-a. Human nature is that people want to have every resource endlessly.
2-b. Human nature is that people want to have every resource until their basic needs are satisfied. ( This basic needs cannot be satisfied, because assumption 1 implies it. But for some resources, such as air, people can feel satisfied. )
3. People compete.

Whatever we choose between 2-a and 2-b, people compete. It is not because of human nature, but because of the resource.

Some people say that the reason why people compete is human nature. But I don't think their logic is impregnable. It is still controversial whether people has unlimited desire or not. If any philosopher or psychologist has proved it, I want to read the book. But I have never heard it yet.

In other words, if someone want to talk about human nature, they should reconsider the first assumption whether the resource is enough or not in the specific case.


Anonymous said...

i lost everything i was writing due to sudden shut-down of my pc..... i have to write it again.

you said "But for some resources, such as air, people can feel satisfied." but i don't think so.

we have to consider the quality of resource as well as the quantity. amount of air and water might be enough fur us to breath and drink. but we use air-cleaner or water-purifier to spend FRESH air or water. any resource existing on the earth is not enough. -- I think the demand for trip to clean places will rise steadily.

as you know, the one of main topics of capitalism is the 'growth' of economic scale or product. growth means "more produce and more consume".

in ancient society, needs might make produce. but in morden, we cannot figure out which was first, produce or consume?
company make goods and service to satisfy people's needs. and new goods and service make new needs people didn't recognize before. industry and consumer stimulate each other all the time..


Anonymous said...

If this article is indirectly provoked by my previous comment that "man always wants to satisfy their own desires", then I would feel extremely honored.

The good thing of dialogue is not only to forcefully convince others, but also question ourselves and think twice:could I be wrong by saying so? Is there any other possiblility neglected by myself?

So thank you, my friend, for being serious to my comment.

The first thing I want to ask is "what is the so called human nature?" Though the term often appears in various literature, we can hardly give it a clear definition.For example, as Nietzsche said, the basic instinct of human beings is the preservation of the human race. And I believe that you can easily find different answers to this quenstion accroding to Eastern philosophies and religions.

So my suggestion is, first of all, you may need to narrow down your conception to specific categories, such as the human nature of eating,drinking,self-protection,sex, and so on. But I belive that even in these small case, you can find controversial explanations from different individuals, for everyone has his own perspective.

But I am sure that some people can constrain their desires better than others. Maybe this ability is decided by their inherent genes, or because those people have practiced some religious rules.


Jay said...

Kevin// As you said, if the reason why people compete is that the resource is limited, the logic is still in my logic. As I borrow your expression, the reason why people complete is not human nature but limited resource. Your logic struts my logic.

Hellen// When we talk about human nature, we need to consider the specific situation, as you said. And it is the reason why I used the 'in the specific case' on the last sentence.

Anonymous said...

i have one question.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

I am sorry.I only write down my idea in Chinese and I have no plan for english writing.:)

I love my language so much...

Black Beauty

Anonymous said...

My Chinese blog is my major,and my English blog is my minor, because I find it much more convenient to convey my ideas in native language,especially subtle feelings. I should have practiced my written English more.

You know to manage two blogs at the same time is not easy, as the blogs "compete" with each other for my limited time resorces:)

Thank you for your interest.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your blog urls. i didn't know both of you are chinese! i had learned chinese a little, years ago. cause i worked with chinese for 4 months when i went to a company.

but i've forgotten what i had learned except a few sentences. LOL. like 'Ni jiao shenme mingzi'

korean feel difficult when they learn chinese due to 聲調.. but it was so interesting feature to me. i enjoyed studying chinese cause of that exceptional tone flow~

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