Mar 22, 2008


I found a great item for game.

Without any expectation, I have typed in good, "XBOX connect to MacBook." And I got this result.
EyeTV is a USB 2.0 device for mac computers.
I can watch TV through my MacBook LCD Monitor. And I also can play X-Box or PlayStation3 games.

As long as I found, there is one problem, that I cannot use 1080i, which is HDTV resolution.
Although EyeTV has the function for HDTV, it doesn't work for game. I don't know why.

Despite the defect, it is worthy to buy for me. Because I don't want to buy HDTV or any display device more.

The real problem, however, is I don't have time to enjoy any game.... hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

The last sentence is a good point!
But then i don't see any point for the discuss about HDTV and the strange device called EyeTV, anymore...


Black Beauty