Mar 22, 2008

Study in company.

If I had 6 hours to cut down a tree I'd spend 4 hours sharpening my axe.
-- folk saying

I always recommend for my brother to study in company. Although I don't know well about his situation in company, he never follow my advise. But usually the problems he asks me is almost the question that already has solved by many people.

He might think finishing job is higher priority than studying for himself. But studying should be always higher than commit something. It is much important especially for software programmers. Because the speed of software growth is so much fast. We can find almost always better solution.Of course, it is also true, we should avoid 'Silver bullets.' Some new technologies are just trash or not has proved its efficiency yet.

If you have time, spend the time studying. If you don't have time, spend more time studying.

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Anonymous said...

learning for our whole life~~This idea is not shared by all the people, I think your brother is in this case.

It is a hard situation. It is hard to let them study for fun just like nobody can let you stop to study for fun.

Try to understand him and help him...

Black Beauty