Apr 11, 2008

About Tibet.

This is a translation from a Korean web site.

This is an interview with LakBbaChoGo who is a represent of Tibet refugee government.
My interpretation is so much bad. And this may has some wrong interpretation. But I want to post this, because I think this can well summarize what's going on in Tibet now.

Question: What is the reason for this riot?

This is the result of long term period. Of course there is direct reason. It is that the China government used violence for the peaceful march.

Ironically while the China military used violence, HuJinTao used the word, 'Democracy', from 40 to 50 times in his starting speech of the 17th all people representation. However, what happened in Tibet? The government army killed people in peaceful march. And ordinary Tibetan became upset, and they attached shops and cars whose owners are Han as representation for their anger. And the China answered, using more violence.

Then why did Tibetan attack them? The China government devastated Tibetan's human right for 60 years. Their anger has been accumulated by daily humiliation.

It is not true that the China government insists that the exploding from them is because Dali Lama controls them.

Question: Why does the China government keep occupying Tibet?

The China government forced to combine Tibet in 1951. At the time the China government made a contract, saying '17 contracts' with Tibet. Actually it was forced. All of the 17 elements are made by the China government, and they ordered Tibet to just sign it.

In Chinese the name of Tibet is the West Treasure. What the meaning is that Tibet has lots of natural resources. It is about 60 kinds. Water resource is affluent. It is importance place in the meaning of military as well.

The China government now wants to use the water resource in Tibet to solve the water problem in inner continent place. Now a day Oil causes war. Many experts say in future water resource would cause war as well. In this sense Tibet is important strategically. The rivers in Tibet are connected to China, Bumma, Bangladesy, and Russia.

The China government insists they are developing Tibet. Actually they are developing. But does ordinary Tibetan be able to get some benefit from it? The China government develops Tibet only for their own benefit. The recent and new rail road has been developed to deliver their soldiers faster. In addition, it is to carry more resources from Tibet to the other places. The resources in Tibet helps the growing of ShangHai. At the same time the environment in Tibet has been devastated by the new rail road.

Now a day at the Tibet independent region there are more Han people than Tibetan. Of course historically Tibetan had used broader region than now. But it is surprising that there are more Han people even in the independent place. We become minor people even in our nation.

*PS: The first peaceful march is that Tibet monks had a march to commemorate the resistance in 1959. In the march police shoot people. Then people thrown stones. According to the information from Tibetan, police killed at least 80 people.

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