Apr 9, 2008

SkyDrive and GDrive

Today I got a email from WindowsLive.com.
It announced that I can use 5G free web drive.
I was quite interested in it. And I tried to use it, without any expectation, because it is unbelievable that someone gives me Free 5GB web storage.
It worked amazingly. In addition, it was so much simple and easy to use.

The service name is SkyDrive.I sometimes think of online CVS server, like sourceforge.org for individual. I want to save my programs I have made not only in my hard-drive, but also online web site. It can serve as a kind of backup and it can make me share my data everywhere. For this purpose I usually send all documents I have wrote to myself, using G-Mail. Now we can just use the Sky-drive.

I found a more interesting information. Google is also preparing a similar service called GDrive. I may be able to share free storage on GMail with GDrive. World is getting convenient.


Anonymous said...

I'm using online office tools in Google Docs these days kk. I like it.

And I expect the day when I don't need to install OS on my local drive hh.


Jay said...

Many internet based techniques has been more sophisticated by AJAX, JavaScript and DOM technologies.
This semester I have developed one complex and dynamic webpage using AJAX. I found Web programming is very powerful now. Especially Firebug is really powerful.