Sep 11, 2008

No end in sight, 2007

This is summary of the documentary, "No end in sight, 2007". This is for Iraq war.

US army didn't stop Looting. Army stand in each intersection and do nothing but saying that we are here not for stopping lotting. It encouraged robbery to other places.

In side of US government, they didn't communicate well. People who are charged in significant role had no experience, no plan, no frequent communication. And they most of time stay in Washington not in Iraq.

CPA made three bad decisions.
  1. Stopping the formation of an interim Iraq government.
  2. De-Ba'athification.
  3. Disbanding the iraqi Military.

Baath Party had played significant role for Iraq society in education and techniques. But since they are founded and supported by Saddam, CPA dismissed the party and all of them become unemployed.

Soldiers are suddenly unemployed. Iraq become worse not only in the sense of security but also in the sense of economy. There was demonstration by former soldiers, and become more violent. Their way for insurgency is professional: bombing and ambushing.

$18 billion in reconstruction money was made available on Oct 1, 2003 by congress. One year later, only $1 billion had actually been spent. There are a lot of corruption and wasting.

US soldiers arrest a lot of Iraqis. Even in mid night when people hear sound of helicopter or tanks, they wake up and prepare to be investigated. Many of them are just missing or die. Army doesn't disclose the number of Iraqis arrested or detained in Iraq since 2003 and even now.

All of this kind of insurgency result in the growth of religious group can giving them political power. They are explosive and aggressive to America.

Security is horrible. Kidnapping, bombing, and killing are happening. Kidnapping is not only for one or two people, but for group of people. Violent gangs or private security guards just kill people on street. Some of them made a home video that shows just killing people in cars without any reason.

Direct war cost to date: 379 Billion.
Future military operating costs: 389 Billion.
Veterans health care and lost productivity: 482 Billion.
Other defense equip and personnel cost: 160 Billion.
Oil price effects: 450 Billion
Total costs of Iraq war: $1.860 Trillion

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