Mar 17, 2009

Computer Vision Assignment 2

My professor asked us to post our assignment on web site, so that I'm posting it here.

The instruction for the 2nd assignment is here.
  1. (15p) Computing edges for a background image and for an image with a human in it.
  2. (10p) Subtracting edge images to create a difference image and classifying edges in the difference image.
  3. (10p) Connected component analysis to identify the human in the image.
For the 1st instruction, I computed edges of background for each color channel (you can enlarge it by clicking the image):Each blue image consists of arrows that indicate direction of each edge:For the 2nd instruction, I have classified three edges: background, occluding(foreground), and occluded edges.For the 3rd instruction, I have drawn a box for the human.
You can find my MatLab program here.

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