Mar 18, 2009

Goolge Unit Testing Framework for C++

I had hard time to find a good unit testing library for C++ not for Java; Java already have a good one, JUnit.

First name we can came up with for unit testing tool for C++ is CUnit or CppUnit. There are several unit testing libraries for C++. However, most of them are complex to use and doesn't get updated anymore.

I planned to use OpenCV with C++ in Mac, so that I wanted to find a good unit testing tools. I'm kind of get used to JUnit so much. Now I can hardly image I code without unit testing.

First time, I tried CUTE. I found it is pretty complex and I cannot find any good document from internet; people don't use this. And the last update in its Wiki is 2 years ago. I felt like it is abandond.

Second, I tried CppUnit. I found it is also complex and outdated; last update is made 3 years ago.

Today I found a good one, GoogleTest. Last update is Dec 11 2008. And it seems pretty handy. One thing I mind is it doesn't show green/red bar. I guess it is possible to draw some visual bars by parsing XML file that is generated by GoogleTest, but I need to read more detail to figure out how it works.

I strongly believe most of C++ programmers still don't understand how important and strong unit testing techniques are. Otherwise, it cannot explain why they are all outdated.

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PeterSommerlad said...

CUTE is alive. It's plug-in is current with Eclipse CDT and just recently it got support for C++ TR1 and C++0x.