Apr 12, 2009

Jumble and muJava

I'm reading a book, "Test-Driven Development, Kent Beck, 2003". And the book briefly mentioned "defect insertion, page86". Thus I curiously checked the software, "Jester" and I found it was (surprisingly) Mutation testing tool, which my professor, Jeff Offutt is strong at.

However, the software, Jester, seems not to be maintained anymore. I found another interesting software, "Jumble". The usage was very easy and simple. BUT a big shortcoming is that it doesn't support as many mutation operations as muJava does.Unfortunately, muJava, which is developed by Jeff Offutt, doesn't support JUnit while Jumble does. Somebody need to make muJava work with JUnit sooner or later. Or we need to make Jumble support other operations.

I recommend you use Jumble rather than muJava due to the supporting JUnit; it is better than not using. But we still don't have any free mutation testing tool for C++, although there are some commercial.


Hassan A. Al-Jeshi said...

check MuClipse out

it is an eclipse plugin that's built on muJava and it play nicely with JUnit to kill the mutant

Jay said...

I didn't work with JUnit last time I tried.

Thank you for the new information.

Yoyes said...

I'm making my degree in test mutation, in C++. Could you recommended me non-commercial/commercial tool?

Thanks in advanced