Apr 8, 2009

My project is going on..

Today I spend a whole day figuring out how to use Voodoo Camera Track. It was supposed to be easy to use, but I found that it is very sensitive for the contents of the movie clip. I tried several different objects and different options in Voodoo Camera Track. It turned out that the vehicle movie clips are easiest objects for Voodoo.

Thus I decided to use the movie clip of my car; BB helped me to take it. The movie clip comprise about 400 frames and I took the sequential image files with VirtualDub. VirtualDub had very simple and nice exporting functionality; I also want to mention that I spent several hours to find a software to get the sequential images from a movie file. On the movie clip, the camera moves around the car clock-wise.
Finally VooDoo Camera Tracker gave me the position data of the camera. The visualized figure in 3D coordinate is below:The green lines represent the direction of down side of the camera, the blue lines indicate the direction that the camera is directing at each point. I believe the red lines represent the position of the camera. The white dots are called interest clouds. Each white dot indicates a corner point of images in 3D coordinate.

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