Mar 4, 2010

Features for next generation game engine.

In my mind, there are several unsatisfied demand for game engines. It is because most of game engines have been improved from long time ago. For example, game bryo, Unreal, Quake, and Half-Life. Those game engines did not have chance to adopt new concepts.

The features that I want to have are listed here:
  1. Interface and contract driven design.
  2. Support for Unit-Testing.
  3. Pre-lighting as well as deferred shading and forward shading.
Additionally and personally I prefer these features as well:
  1. Progressive rendering.
  2. SPU support on PS3.
  3. XNA support through C++ DLL.
  4. No preprocessor codes such as #ifdef.
Other external tool supports such as Max/Maya plug-in, UI tool, and sound system are second level issue. Once we have the reliable corner stone, people will join the project.

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