Feb 11, 2011


I have visited an office of Optomologist or optometry.
It is only because I wanted to have a new glasses. If I am in Korea, I can just go to a glasses shop and get one; they will measure my eye sights as well. I wasn't sure what the procedure of buying a glasses in USA, so I went to Optomologist. After all, I had an interesting experience.

The office had several huge devices that measure something on my eyes. One was for taking picture of back side of my eyes, retina. Another one was for measuring my peripheral sights. Another one was to measure pressure inside of my eyes; that's what I heard anyway.

The cost of most of them were covered by my Vision insurance that my company pays for me. Otherwise, it could cost about 150 dollars. I know that although it seems free because of the insurance, after all I must be paying for them somehow, so I didn't feel much good about those expensive and inefficient process to get a glasses. Although having a new experience was enjoyable, I will prefer to avoid them next time; if I can...I haven't bought my glasses yet, which was the point of all. The office didn't have much variety of glasses in my favor. I will pick one later.

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