Feb 28, 2011


I watched Ponyo, one of Japanimation made by Ghibri studio.

** This article has many spoilers **
I like to share why I found the animation was so interesting.

Ponyo and ponyo-shaped-friends are analogy to a baby and sperms, respectively. Ponyo passes through a dark tunnel and gets into a transparent egg shaped room, which implies that a baby is carried to a mom's egg.

Not everything are exactly mapped to the process of delivering a baby but some are added to make the analogy complete and some are exaggerated.

The animation shows that Ponyo's visiting is causing a lot of troubles: the moon is falling down, ships are missing, and an entire city is submerged. This is very exaggerated but probably almost same level of troubles will be expected in a family once a baby is delivered or being delivered.
The protagonist boy was too smart to be 5 years old boy. Five years old is obviously too early to take a responsibility of having a baby but who on the Earth will be fully ready to have a baby.

By showing ancient fish, it reminded that human species is also from sea and shares many parts on DNA. Who would easily connect dots between delivering a baby with ancient fish.

Ponyo was crossing the line between the world of magic and that of real. I thought this point of view was very romantic.

I didn't find any political factors in this animation but there was a number "1907" on a door. I am guessing that there might be some events in the year.

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Lisa Eggs said...

Wow, I never saw it like that before, but you are so right. well done.