Mar 4, 2011

Stereotype on women and men.

Two funny videos from YouTube.

Depending on which side you are, either of them may annoy you. Both are following social stereotype that women are not good at driving and men are blind on sex.

Women parking:


If you aren't annoyed, imagine that those movie clips are mentioned not for fun but for despising.

When people stick on a stereotype, their perspective becomes less-sensitive.
Even when a woman have never had a car accident, she is already considered as a troublesome driver. Same thing applies to men: a man who cares the value of family is considered as a play boy.

There may exist some sort of statistics that support the idea that women are bad at driving.
Those postulated conclusions may or may not help politicians to deal with car accidents caused by women. But when it comes to an individual case, we cannot just assume a woman is bad at driving.
Notice that the statistics or any evidences that support the behavior of groups cannot be directly applied to individual of the group. You can measure the speed and direction of an object, but it doesn't tell either of speed nor direction of each quantum in the object.

Mar 2, 2011

Photoshop CS5 Magic: "Content-aware" feature

I am very surprised by finding what PhotoShop latest version can do. The most interesting feature was "Content-awareness".
You can see the overview video here:

A shorter version is here:

I have seen the same functionality from SIGGRAPH papers in 2007, 2008 and 2009, but I haven't seen a practical software to do them. Now Photoshop integrated it and ready to use.

Beside content-awareness feature, 3D features are also impressive.

New microphone and voice recognition

I got a new microphone from Woot. The product name is "Eye-ball" with USB 2.0. This has a HD quality web-cam that I can hide.To test the microphone, I was tampering my Windows7 and I found Voice Recognition feature.
I knew WindowsXP had it as well, but this version seems improved in that it had more interfaces for controlling Windows system and Mouse device.

As a bottom line, I can say "press control c" "press a" to control Keyboard.
I can also say "mousegrid" to control Mouse, then it will show a big grid that covers whole screen with numbers that indicate where to click. I can then say the numbers and a smaller grid will appear with numbers. When I narrowed down enough, I can say "click 4".
Unfortunately "dictation" feature doesn't seem to work well for me. Possibly because of my poor English or it isn't working well yet.

And I also found that the when the voice recognition system is parsing sound, my Firefox is unresponsive for a second; my computer is a good one tho.

I think this is very useful when I watch some movie without Keyboard or Mouse. I don't need to bother Jumi-Mouse on iPhone anymore.