Mar 2, 2011

New microphone and voice recognition

I got a new microphone from Woot. The product name is "Eye-ball" with USB 2.0. This has a HD quality web-cam that I can hide.To test the microphone, I was tampering my Windows7 and I found Voice Recognition feature.
I knew WindowsXP had it as well, but this version seems improved in that it had more interfaces for controlling Windows system and Mouse device.

As a bottom line, I can say "press control c" "press a" to control Keyboard.
I can also say "mousegrid" to control Mouse, then it will show a big grid that covers whole screen with numbers that indicate where to click. I can then say the numbers and a smaller grid will appear with numbers. When I narrowed down enough, I can say "click 4".
Unfortunately "dictation" feature doesn't seem to work well for me. Possibly because of my poor English or it isn't working well yet.

And I also found that the when the voice recognition system is parsing sound, my Firefox is unresponsive for a second; my computer is a good one tho.

I think this is very useful when I watch some movie without Keyboard or Mouse. I don't need to bother Jumi-Mouse on iPhone anymore.

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