Jun 17, 2013

Google AdSense rejected me for "copyright materials"

Today I remembered something that I was wanted to do before I come to America, which is 6 years ago. Web banner.

It was super easy to apply for Google AdSense; it took only 5 minutes to apply. And a few hours later, I got an email saying they rejected my application due to copyright material on my site.

First of all I was disappointed. I thought I can motivate my self for posting more quality articles on my blog by making some pennies. My excitement was changed to a big disappointment.

Second of all, I felt offended. I checked all the articles on my blog three times. Most of them are proudly my own thoughts or ideas. What they mean by "copyright materials" seems like some of illegal torrent link or video/audio files. I do have some video files uploaded but they are all my own videos.

It seems like it is not only me who had been rejected for the same reason. So I am feeling better after finding that there are more people who are like me.

I don't think there is any way to "prove" who owns a video file. I think they are trying to be risk-averse for unknown zones. None technical people may think my script files or game related posting some kind of "hacking" without knowing what those articles actually mean.

Actually, I think I am still feeling offended. But I guess that's what it is... No pennies for me from Google.

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