Jun 16, 2013

I was having a trouble connecting Wifi of my IP camera, FI8910W, to my new router, SBG6580.

I got the new router from TimeWarnerCable after I upgraded my Internet speed. The router was actually a good one; I like it a lot. It supports Dual band 5GHz 802.11n and it is a Modem and Wifi router combined device.

However, what I found is that my new router doesn't support old Wifi protocols, 802.11b/g. It only supports 802.11n. Also my IP Camera is not working well as 802.11n, although the tech spec stated "802.11b/g/n".

After wasting a few hours, I ended up using both Wifi routers together: one that covers 5GHz 802.11n and another that covers 802.11b/g/n. Since one of them is using a different frequency, 5GHz, I think they should work without much signal interfere.

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