Mar 25, 2014

RetroPie is great.

My wife told me that she want to play Super Mario Bro that she used to play in her friend's house. I thought about getting an ArcadePi but it was too expensive. So I just installed "RetroPie" in one of my RaspberryPis:

I never thought that I will enjoy old games. But when I put my hands on, I liked Super Mario Bro a lot. The graphic looks old and it uses only limited number of colors but it was simple and straight forward; even my wife can enjoy games!

I started looking for other old games. I found that there are so many good games that runs on emulators. For example, this website lists so many good PS1 games: It reminded me of time I spend in arcade game centers with my friends. These games are actually not that old games. The last PS1 game I remember is Final Fantasy 9, which was made in 2000.

I think the fun factor of the game was little different from what we have now. I had to put coins in the machine and I wanted to play longer. If I play better, I didn't need to spend too much money and I coul enjoy later part of the game. So "Play skillfully" was important. Now a days we play games at home most of time and skillfully is less important, because there is no fear of spending money. Also the games were more casual and intuitive. I guess it is the characteristics of "casual games" in general.

It may be only me but if I play "casual games" with my PlayStation3/4, it feels like I am doing a wrong thing. With such a powerful machine, why would I play casual games? Wouldn't it be a waste? It is like commuting with a school bus by myself. So it is actually preventing me from playing casual games. In my mind set, I don't have way to play casual games.

The point is that old games reminded me of something that I have forgotten for long time for long time. I tried to write down this to think louder. lol

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