Feb 11, 2008

USB humidifier

Today I brought my thermometer and hygrometer to campus.

And, surprisingly, I found the fact that the building, JC, which I usually study whole day is so dry.

Comfortable humidity is from 40% to 60%. But the building was 15% today.
So I came up with a idea, mini humidifier. And I'm gonna buy a USB humidifier.


Anonymous said...

oh. USB humidifier!
it looks interesting item!


Anonymous said...

Is it going to humify the computer first or the person first? :)


Anonymous said...

Oops, humidify

Jay said...

I changed my mind. I found there is no reason to buy USB version. I can just buy AC/DC humidifier which is for a car. I, thus, can use it without computer.

raynear said...

some people said that humidifier is bad for health.
this is why not flowing water grow vacterias in there.
so some doctor said that do not use humidifier is better for health.

my english is getting worse. -_-;;