Feb 11, 2008

Apple mighty mouse wireless

Today I bought a wireless mouse, Apple mighty mouse wireless.

My conclusion is that this is so bad.

Pros: wireless. look good. 360 degree scroll wheel.

Cons: Expensive($70), hard to click right button, griping feeling is so bad.

First of all, I hate this design for buttons.

I just gave up to use it, right after using for 2 min. I want to sell.;;;


Jay said...

I'm gonna refund it.
I found a refund policy in apple homepage:

Anonymous said...

kk i'm too late.
i was about to request to give it to me for free. kkk


Jay said...

They said I cannot return it, because I didn't buy it at Apple Store.
Since it is quite expensive, I wanted to refund, but now I cannot and I'm very unhappy.

I found that there is no reason to buy apple goods at non-apple-store.