Feb 16, 2008

Code Cover - eclipse plugin

This semester I'm taking "Software Testing" class. I have learned very new techniques for testing. Now I know what is "coverage" and "statement/branch/condition/decision coverage."

I found quite good and free plugin: Code Cover.
http://codecover.org/I would like to post my opinion about this plugin after I use for awhile.


Anonymous said...

hehe~ this looks like a software engineer place:)

I have no comments on that...

Black Beauty

Jay said...

This codeCover is very good, except logic coverage.

The way of this logic coverage is very different from what I have learned.

I spent 3 hours figuring out what kind of logic coverage it is. And I, finally, found it is in between CC, Clause Coverage, and GACC, General Active Clause Coverage. But since it doesn't care the active clause, I don't think I can categorize it easily.

In brief, despite some fault, it is very good in practical. I want to strongly recommend this to every Java programmer.