Sep 12, 2007

Today, I was so embarrassed.

It is usual that we do group project in a given period. Two of my classes require me to do group project. It is natural, because my major is software engineering, and it is important to do project togather.

But I was so afraid to talk with my classmates because my english is not still good, and so far I have never tried to talk with my classmates yet. Professor just told us that when you, students, made groups, tell me. Students can talk with each other well in a break time or before the class, but I cannot.

Today I pushed myself, and tried to talk to one of my classmates. But unfortunatly the distance between me and him was so far. Furthermore my voice was so quite. Finally I could not say anything. I said a same sentance 4 times. And I gave up, saing 'never mind' rudely. I almost wanted to cry. In the small class, many students heard what I said. And when I said the same sentance 4 times, I knew that what I'm saying is grammetically wrong. That is why I was so embarrassed today.

I'm doing my best, but I cannot predict the end yet.


Dongseong Hwang said...

It's the description of me in yesterday. Getting along with people is 100x tougher than working or studying.

Could I ask how long you take time to overcome this unhappy situation?

Jay said...

lol. it will get better but u should be patient.