Sep 7, 2007

Hello world.

My name is Jae Hyuk, Kwak. My friends call me Jay.
I have already a blog, but it is always written in Korean.
Thus I'm making this new blog for my international friends.
I'll manipulate this blog in English.
I hope my friends can enjoy my articles.

You can also glance my korean blog:
Even if you cannot read korean, you can enjoy some pictures. And I think some Asian friends can use some translating programs.

Then, see you soon again.


Anonymous said...

Can you teach me some swear words in korean? I really want to scold one bloody asshole in korean. That fellow is one big time sucker. He can understand nothing but korean. I wanna slam the bastard's ass. Help me.

Jay said...

Haha... I don't want to mention that here.
I believe every Korean understand Fuck you.