Sep 19, 2007

One of my favorite programs is NetFolder. It is a file downloading service. For the reason that the service is serviced by Korean company, it is too slow in U.S.A. But I use it because it is free and I can get many commercial programs. Although it is so slow, I don't care much, because I can keep my computer turning on whole day.

One thing that I really hate is that if I download 500M with netfolder application, I have to restart the program, because it is the limitation for free users. I, therefore, came up with a idea to make a program which restarts it automatically. It is not so hard. Basically, if I use Hooking technique I think I can make the program in at most 5 hours.

These days, I'm so busy, so that I have to postpone it... Instead, I tried to find a program to do same thing. But unbelievably I could not find it. Even though I could find similar programs such as auto-mouse, since they don't use the Hooking, the clicking coordination was not accurate. If NetFolder program shows a pop-up window at different coordination, they cannot click the button on the pop-up windows. In order to find the accurate coordination they had have to use Hooking, but they did not. I cannot understand why they do not try it. For these reasons, I think I have to make it by myself.

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you describe your world. It is a little bit different from the perspective I have. I cannot tell why I feel in that way, but it is. And, most importantly, I like it!

Best wishes to you and your family...

Rong Rong