Dec 8, 2007

A beverage: Star of taste

This is a kind of rumor. There is a goods whose name is '맛스타 (star of taste).' It is a quite special beverage. And there are some rumors.

We cannot buy the beverage in usual convenient store. It is only for Solders in Korea Army. Although now we can buy some via Internet, it is exceptional.

When I was in army, our sergeant gave us it, and I had chances to taste it. It was not bad. In addition it was free. Everybody enjoyed it. Since it is offered only for solder, some people regard it as a symbol of solder.Strange thing is that in army usually every thing is insufficient. Even gun is sometimes not enough. The level of dog is higher than human, because dogs are insufficient. People are many but resources are too much insufficient. The number of the beverage, however, was always higher than that of people. So some people was able to have two or more.

And we need to pay for any goods even in army. But the beverage was free. And at least one time a week we got it.

The rumor is that some people suspect maybe the beverage controls the hormone of solders.
Usually solders in Korea were not so much educated, because it is mandatory for everybody. It is usual that if many male be gathered, they talk about women often. Actually it is well known fact that culture in army is so lusty and most of them are male oriented. It is hard to control. Some people illegally go out of army camp at night to meet a prostitution. Or some times some of them commit serious sexual crime.

I'm that kind of person who believes that any sexual thing or problem are strongly related with hormone things, rather than mental things. I think it is one reasonable rumor that maybe army can consider that kind of therapy to control any kind of sexual problems. Furthermore it is not only my idea, but also many people suspect it.


Anonymous said...

There is always something which is beyond my imagination...

Who can tell the truth and who can save who...

Black Beauty

santiago said...

star of taste... LOL

but that sounds loke "prince of taste". actually that beverage doesn't taste that good. kk.

Jay said...

BB// Thank you for your comment.
Santigo// I think the taste is not bad but just normal.

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