Dec 23, 2007

Howl's moving castle.

Sophie: I'm loving you.
Howl: It's too late.

This is from Howl's moving castle.

Today, I watched howl's moving castle. I think it means a lot.

First of all, why does Sophie become young sometimes? I think when Sophie spoke true hearted feeling, the curse become weaker. At the beginning part, she does not speak her real feeling about her job. It is also same for her sister who makes fake smiles to customers. I think this criticizes our society making people hide their true feeling.

Secondly, why did howl not die when the contract was canceled? I think this also criticizes the belief that we can control others only by contracts, not by love.

What is the meaning of the moving castle? I think the moving castle stands for nomad. In the moving castle there are a boy, a grand mother, Sophie who cares all of them, Howl who comes back after working outside, and a monster who works for the castle like a slave. I think this combination is like a farmer family. This form degrease and finally all gone in the animation.

Why does Howl fight in war? Howl want to live alone. But the king does not let him alone, and she want to use him. Although Howl tries to hide from her, he sometimes have to help her. I think this reflect that the real world does not let people free. This reminds me of the fact that the more people be productive, the more a nation increase their tax.

Why does howl become a monster after using his magical power? It is because he does what he don't want to do. I think this is also critic in real world people get lose their own feeling when they do what they did not want to do. Literally translating, it criticizes a monster is the solders in any army, but I don't want to restrict the meaning only in war.

Why is the king's castle safe from bombing? Howl said the castle is protected by magic. When a enemy drop a bomb over the castle, it will be moved to its village. It means their magic cannot prevent from bomb but can change its victim. I think this criticizes a nation is built up over the blood of people. Or I think a company is also same.

I also think in the animation there was two totally different types of world; one is full of war, and another is full of peace. It is usually accepted that war in animations stands for capitalism. I think this animation, particularly, criticized the war itself, because the cruelness is so much emphasized.

Why did Howl say "It is too late."? I think it is to wake us up and to make us feel our love now.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes clinging to one's faith can mean courage. But it is also possible that clinging to and getting indulged in some emotions can be harmful to the peace of mind.
We all know that love is sweat thing, but sometimes it is deeply embedded in the selfishness of human beings, because man always wants to satisfy their own desires. This could hurt people seriously if they cannot achieve their dreams. The Sorrows of Young Werther written by Goethe is an example.

Don't care if my words seem offensive.

Anonymous said...

I am Helen , by the way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Helen if there is only one "final rule" in this world that love "is deeply embedded in the selfishness of human beings, because man always wants to satisfy their own desires."

Who made that rule and why we cannot make another rule that may change the whole world?

I once made some of people hurted because I want to make some one else better. I was so frustrated after I did that because no matter how I cannot be happy. They are all my beloved, how can I make a choice?

I think I understand the "rule" but I really don't want to obey it regardless my own understanding of the world. How good it will be if I can love someone and all the others will feel better because I am in love now.

Time is limited, Money is constraint, but love can be created without using time or money. and the appereciation of love comes from the practice of loving which needs giving more than accepting.

I love you and him and her. We love each other. I believe the world will be better in this way.

Black Beauty

Jay said...

These comments should be about Howl's Moving Castle. Why did Hellen start talking about love?

Anonymous said...

I thought you might still be concerned with topics like love and contract, because you have mentioned that in this article. Also because of your conclusion in the last paragraph, and the main theme of the previous article.

Anonymous said...

i will leave a my comment after watching this movie.. LOL